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Welcome to Groove Lab Studio, a recording studio based near Paris, in Isssy-les-Moulineaux, and an online mixing & mastering studio created with enthusiasm for those who are passionate about sound. We deeply care about our customers and we want to give them the great experience and happiness of having their own professionally recorded, mixed and mastered music at an affordable price.

Microphone Vintage
Photo Jakub Szpakowicz - Groove Lab Studio - Founder - Producer - Sound engineer

jakub szpakowicz

Born in Warsaw, I've always been passionate about sound and I started my musical career in the nineties. I started playing classical music on piano when I was 7 years old. Years later, listening to old jazz, soul and funk records drove me into improvisation and composition, and eventually to sound design and music production. I played in live bands and recorded live instruments before I decided to move to Paris in the search of growth and new adventures. I am currently a sound engineer, a producer and a DJ.


I had the pleasure of working with many talented artists from every corner of the globe, creating hip hop music, afrobeat, reggaeton, funk, jazz, rock and many genres of electronic music.


I've dedicated my life to music and I am eager to continue learning, producing and helping other artists to achieve their own professional goals.

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